We motivate our clients to think differently and, in doing so, create new and relevant solutions that greatly impact the success of their objectives.

Our design methods get to what your audience really wants, not just what they say they want. Subscribing to observational research–combined with over 30 years of practical experience–gives us insight lost on most. And when it comes to messaging we believe brevity is king.

8 second rule

Our belief is that if you do not get your customer’s undivided attention within 8 seconds you have probably lost them, maybe forever. While a well thought-out and professionally implemented plan is our cornerstone we feel initial impact should not be lost.

Analogy is a small team who can put together full-blown projects better and faster than most huge firms.

Led by marketing veteran Gary Hilton, Analogy creates unique solutions for practically anything. The entrepreneurial spirit that resonates in everything we do demands broad perspective for even the smallest project. We feel there is always time to look comprehensively at a problem.

Agile for sure

Our strength resides in our nimble way of identifying the most necessary resources, assembling them quickly, and changing them on-the-fly.

This is what we do.

We help companies identify problems in areas like sales, brand perception, or even motivation and create solutions by offering new perspective. We collaborate with our clients through our own fluid design thinking processes and deliver sound, fact-based reports that point toward feasible solutions. The desired outcomes are usually media-based (digital and conventional). Our services are industry agnostic and our clients range from civil engineering firms to soft drinks distributors.

Think. Create. Share.

We use our design-thinking process to help organizations take shape and realign.

Our discovery methods help us closely familiarize ourselves with our client’s current business, after which we conduct in-depth research to identify pain points as well as prospective markets, target audiences, and competitive landscapes. We ideate alongside our clients which at first is abstract but quickly formalize into tangible solutions. Rapid strategic planning allows us to establish a framework for things like culture, brand identity, process, and business model so we can get to work on implementation.


Competitive analysis
Business design
Brand identity
Culture design
Product design
Service design
Process design
Program design
Interior design
Marketing strategy
Event planning
Financial modeling
Executive services

Having a solid plan in place is crucial to success, but nothing is real until it is created and we like to get our hands dirty.

Grounded in our strategic foundation, we create unique, recognizable names and brands people want to engage. We offer full-service production including product prototyping, web and app development, packaging, company collateral, video, audio, animation, illustration, print materials, and various technology solutions. From websites to wearables, we craft tangible products to ensure our clients are successful.


Logo development
Product prototype
Web development
App development
Digital ads
Conventional ads
Company collateral
Event materials
Audio/Visual 3D imaging

We want the brands we create to grow and thrive. Whether we’re launching a new company or taking yours to the next stage of elevation, we get you out there and noticed.

Our marketing channels are optimized to launch your company into the competitive world, and we develop measurement tools to track success. Maybe you need investor funding, help with acquisition, or perhaps a product promotional campaign. Regardless of the situation, we thrive if you thrive. As you scale and expand into new markets we work as an extension of your team to continuously amplify your business.


Digital marketing
Conventional marketing
Access to funding
Customer acquisition
Public relations
KPI measurement
Data analytics