Power of people.

Entergy is one of the largest power companies in the U.S. and like all big companies internal communications are often challenging. They needed to educate their employees about safety programs and motivate them to participate.


We have worked with the internal communications department for Entergy on a variety of projects. Utility companies in general are held to a different standard than most other types of businesses because the expectation of success is inherent because of the vitality of the service they offer.

Government regulations mandate a very high level of safety for the public, as well as for their employees. While safety education is perpetually taught and encouraged, sometimes more inventive ways of communication are necessary.

Safety is paramount in the electric utility business. Your people need to be informed


By working with Entergy on projects and even writing editorial about them we have gained an intimate knowledge of both the need to inform and the sensitivity of being a utility company. To empower their workforce we have partnered with internal communications to create safety programs that encourage the highest level of respect when out in the field and rewards for following protocol.

We have also created corporate artwork commemorating the speedy restoration of power (a nearly impossible task) needed after the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.

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