Don’t dread getting outta bed the next morning.

You don’t have to pay to play. This product was developed by a medical doctor who was tired of feeling crappy after an innocent night of drinking.


When you have a great new idea or product but can’t seem to get much traction it is often because people outside your organization don’t “get it.” We help startups and early-stage companies brand and message their concepts so everyone from investors to customers can easily understand your vision.

Prototyping your product (whether it’s digital or conventional) is often necessary just to get off of “GO.” Click through UX can easily illustrate desired outcomes and reveal potential hurdles, while package design, advertising concepts and visual presentations may be the difference between getting to the next stage or not.

Sometimes you have to literally show someone something before they can fully understand it.

Sintax is a concept from a medical doctor for a concentrated energy boosting and hangover remedy drink with a relaxing “Zen” effect. We made it real by developing a brand and peripheral advertising prototypes as well as consulting on taste profiles, distribution and fulfillment concepts.


We wanted a contemporary demo so it made sense to include an interactive, mobile device driven component. Designing wireframes and UX prototypes helped candidates visualize how the technology integrated with the overall marketing plan. We also illustrated the brand through media component prototypes such as publication advertising, in-store displays and, of course, package design.

The psychology used in designing the brand spilled over into the design of the product, particularly the flavor profiles and dosage. Our suggestion was to make the flavors extreme so that they excited the tastebuds (kind of like Warheads® or Sour Patch Kids®). Additionally, we wanted to make the can size compact (only 6 oz.) almost like a dosage of medicine.

The imagery and messaging is an ironic twist between the tranquility of Buddhism and Eastern herbs and the shock of a power-packed, hangover remedy and energy booster.

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